Why Cumberland?
That answer is simple, it is the absolute best place in the Mid-Atlantic to have a car club meet!
Being Birthplace of the Federal Highway System and the original 'Gateway to the West', terminus for the C&O Canal & hub to B&O Railway and Western Maryland Railway Systems, Cumberland has a significant role in the Transportation Heritage of The United States of America.
Known as the 'Queen City', Cumberland held the title as the second most populous city in the State of Maryland from before the Civil War up until the 1960s, second only to Baltimore, MD. That distinction led to an industrial boom in the area and has left us some fascinating 19th century architecture and remarkable stately homes. 
While no longer as populated as it once was, Cumberland provides the rare opportunity for a traffic free downtown city experience any auto lover will enjoy. Only two hours from Baltimore MD, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh PA this mountain town has become a well known weekend getaway for those looking to escape the hectic city life. 
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